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At Master D Productions, you will find much more than a list of independent professionals. We are a solid team made of various event professionals, many of whom have been friends for more than 20 years, we talk to each other on a daily basis, and we regularly work in duos and trios.  


We each have our specialties and experiences, and we all have our motivation in common to provide superior quality services. Sometimes you will even find more than 8 members of our team in the same room (event planner, event designer, coordinator, dj, mc, singer, musician, sound technician, photographer, photobooth technician, etc.)



DJ Master D, 2003
Logo Productions Master D 2000
DJ Master D et DJ Wonder, 2007
DJ Master D et Julie Emond, animation de mariage en duo, 2013
Logo Productions Master D, 2013
DJ Wonder, DJ Lil tom, Julie Emond et DJ Master D, Salon de la mariée de Montréal, 2016
Logo Productions Master D 2018
2021, animation de mariage Vignoble Bromont
Productions Master D, planificateur, DJ et animation de party de bureau en trio à Montréal, 2022
Productions Master D, DJ Master D, DJ Wonder, DJ Mike Castiel, DJ Pulse, animation de party de bureau clé en main Montréal

The idea behind Master D Productions began in 1996, with the intention of sharing my passion for music and being able to make a living from it. At the time, it was just me, DJ Master D, "Master" for "master of ceremony" aka MC, and "D" for David. From 1996 to 2000, the main objective was to build a music collection sufficient to meet the needs of potential customers, to gradually acquire the equipment necessary for a professional performance, and to develop mixing skills using the radio. student and first parties with family and friends. Many hours have been spent listening to, acquiring and classifying music.

In 2000, the year Productions Master D was founded, there were the first remunerated mobile disco contracts, Cégep parties and small office parties in the Lanaudière region. All proceeds were used to buy better speakers, sound consoles and lighting.


2003, arrived in Montreal and still working on student radio, this time for HEC Montreal radio. It was also the beginning of experiments in restaurants, bars and nightclubs, office parties and major university parties, including those at HEC Montréal.


Quickly, starting in 2005, there were proms and inter-faculty parties as a DJ duet with DJ Wonder, and the first weddings hosted as a duo with host Julie Emond. It was also the year of improvements, with numerous technical contracts: stage set-up, sound technician, lighting technician, marquee set-up, rigging, etc.

In 2009, with all the references from previous clients for the animation of weddings and partnerships with students from the faculties of UdeM, McGill, UQAM and UQTR, DJ Lil Tom joined the team as DJ animator for meet growing demand. It was also at this time that we decided to gradually transform mobile disco into event production.

In 2013, we decided to adjust the image and the services offered by the company. We are adopting a new logo, we are offering more of our decoration services, we are offering more technically complex options, and we are transposing our experience in prom planning to wedding planning and corporate parties.


In 2015, Steve Champagne (DJ Wonder) became co-owner of Productions Master D. Technically, all equipment was replaced to be ahead of trends and at the cutting edge of technology. Several additional animators come to lend us a hand to meet the demand.

In 2018, our best animators are recruited by television channels. We are once again rethinking our methods, our services, our positioning, our logo, and buying trailers. The equipment moved at each event no longer fits in SUVs.

2020, forced slowdown of 75% of our activities, but we are passing the time by replacing almost all of our equipment, we are developing our technical skills in lighting, sound and audiovisual. We take the time to design a custom DJ table to relieve the back pain of our DJs. We practice our DJ and animation techniques with weekly performances on simulcast platforms. At the same time, we had time to fraternize with all our colleagues in the event sector, including other DJs, animators and singers, and were lucky enough to recruit all the best in time for the resumption of activities.

When we returned in May 2022, we were more than ready and achieved a turnover 4 times higher than our best year since 2000, and this, in a year of only 8 months. Despite our recent hires, we have had to refuse or redirect many new requests. 

For 2023, we have already recruited several new technicians and many experienced DJ colleagues, only the best, and have gone from 7 to 14 DJs. To be continued...

DJ Master D, 2001
2005, party HEC, DJ Master D
DJ Lil Tom, animation de mariage, 2009
Productions Master D, DJ et animation de party de bureau à Trois-Rivières, 2016
Jessica Laventure, animatrice Productions Master D 2015
2019, animation mariage hotel gouverneur shawinigan
DJ Master D, 2020
DJ Charley, Productions Master D, animation de mariage Montréal et rive sud
Productions Master D, DJ Lil Tom, animation de mariage et party dans Lanaudière, rive nord de Montréal, Laval, 2023
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