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I am a versatile DJ & MC, available for all your events, but mainly do weddings, office parties, and neighborhood parties. As soon as I am behind the turntables, you stamp your feet and nod your head without realizing it, whatever the genre, the tempo, the style or the era. So don't be surprised to suddenly find yourself dancing! I play all the radio hits and club music, but I'm particularly good with Eurodance hits and pop music from the 70s, 80s and 90s, old-school Hip-Hop and R&B, classic Rock from 80 to 2000, the Motown of the 50s and 60s, and all the current House, Lounge and EDM. 

DJ Pulse, animation de mariages et party de bureau, montréal et rive sud de montréal 2024
DJ et animation de party de bureau de noel, soirée corporative à Montréal, rive nord et rive sud, 2023, productions master d, centre des sciences



SINCE 1997, I have been a disc jockey and emcee (english, french or bilingual) for various types of events: weddings, balls, corporate events, cocktail parties, birthday parties, fundraisers, fashion shows, school dances, beach parties, festivals, nightclubs, retro parties, private home or restaurant party, virtual events, etc.

After spending many years playing in several major clubs in Montreal and the surrounding area, I held residency at the Café d'Époque de Mont-Tremblant for a period of 7 years.

Since 2020, you can also occasionally hear me perform and develop my skills simultaneously on the Twitch platform, for hours of sometimes Dance, House or Hip-hop music. (


Originally from Montreal, I am passionate about music. Raised in a home heavily influenced by music of all genres, it didn't take long for me to acquire what I needed to become a DJ. When I'm not performing, I spend my time in the studio honing my skills and finding the right recipes to make my performances even more engaging. I don't like routine and don't just try to please a particular kind of clientele at all costs. For me, it's all about energy. I want you to experience a musical journey through all genres and years combined.

DJ Pulse, animtion de mariage et party de bureau à Montréal, Montérégie et Estrie, 2022


Note: for a wedding or corporate party, the musical selection is normally more "popular" and less "club"

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