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On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions:

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#1 What is the price of a wedding DJ?

We know what you need to make your event a success, and we'll only offer packages that include everything you need to get there. Our rates start at $2550 for a full service of a DJ - MC, perfect for less than 100 guests. For more than 100 guests, we recommend a DJ - MC in duo with a technician, for $2,950 or $3,550 for 2 DJs - MCs.


For groups of more than 400 guests, the formula varies according to your needs, but generally includes 2 DJs - MCs and a team of technicians. The sound system, lighting and other technical needs necessary for the success of your event will be tailor-made. For the services of a DJ, without equipment, the à la carte rate starts at $90/h on weekdays, $125/h on Saturdays.

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#2 Do your DJs do some animation?

All our DJs are also MCs. We will take the time to chat with you by video call and email to see which MC has a personality that best meets your expectations, to plan the course of your evening, the type of entertainment desired and your preferences.


As animation experts, we will guide you in determining what amount of animation is best for your event. There must be enough to frame the guests, remind them that they are in a special event and not just a dinner at the restaurant, but we must also avoid endless interventions and let them enjoy the evening.

General note, our MCs have a good sense of humor, but are not clowns or comedians. They are professional, have good taste, they won't force guests to participate in an activity they don't like, won't shout nonstop into the microphone like in an electronic festival, won't force guests to get on the dance floor if they just want to chat, and will be able to leave the stage to the stars of the evening: the bride and groom, the general managers, the graduates, etc.

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#3 Do your DJs take guest requests?

DJs have an obligation to continuously analyze the reactions of guests on the dance floor and determine their satisfaction, preferences and energy. They must also ensure that the songs are strung together in a way that appeals to the majority and maintains the desired intensity. 

With this in mind, guest requests can make it easier for the DJ to determine which songs will have a positive impact on certain guests. However, only the DJ will determine if the song will be played and when. He must determine if the request is appropriate for the group in question, if it will have a positive impact on a majority of people or only on the requester, and if it fits well with the current style, or if he will have to gradually modify the atmosphere so as not to break and empty the dance floor. For this reason, the traditional "play my song immediately even if it has already played 15min ago", will be followed by a "sorry, that's not a good idea".

Providing a list to the DJ before the event, containing your favorite songs or collected guest requests, can help personalize your cocktail, reception and party. However, you should avoid imposing it on the DJ, if you want to have a dance floor filled to the end. He alone has enough experience to determine whether his content will have a positive impact. Even if you listen to these songs over and over every day and it would make you really happy to hear them, they can be responsible for a shortened evening if you are the only ones who know and appreciate them.

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#4 What are your "WOW" effects?

Leave it to our decorators and lighting designers to create real "WOW" reactions, with the design of enchanting sets and extraordinary lighting effects. We will transform your venue and take your guests' breath away.


By "WOW effects", the majority of customers have in mind a low smoke machine to give the impression of dancing on a cloud, or the cold spark machines to give the impression of entering the room like in a rock show . On our side, these two options are available, but we do not recommend them. Most reception halls in Quebec prohibit smoke machines and pyrotechnics, regardless of the model. And even if they are tolerated, the rooms will not cut the ventilation to allow the low smoke machine to remain on the ground for your first dance. For cold spark machines (sparkular), it is legally considered as pyrotechnics, the machines must be CSA approved (they rarely are), strict safety rules must be respected and they must be operated only by a pyrotechnician certified.

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