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Tina & Lucas' Wedding

DJ Pulse, animation de mariage au Restaurant La Bine, Mascouche, Lanaudière, 2022

What a memorable day! I'm lucky to have THE BEST DJ EVER in my family! My brother Dom is the best because he has been doing it with passion since our childhood that I see him tripping!

It was my dream as a little sister to have the best for such a big day that will forever remain etched in our hearts for me and my now Husband!

The DJ is the one who brings life to your special occasion no matter the occasion! My brother filled the shoes as an animator as well and everything was more than perfect.

We have them a more than personalized evening, full of laughter! If you are hesitating for a DJ animator, stop doubting, take the one who has this passion in him Dj Pulse all the way !!

Disc jockey animateur : Dominic "DJ Pulse" Napolitano


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