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We are currently in the process of hiring deejays, deejays - emcees, emcees, general technicians, lighting technicians and sound technicians, to meet the growing demand for superior quality event services.
  • Find your date (game of famous couples)
    On the back of the place cards will be written riddles or character names. The objective is to find as quickly as possible the person who has an enigma or a character complementary to yours among the guests. The first 5 or 10 duos to present themselves to the host win a prize planned in advance with the organizers. This very simple activity is recommended for groups who don't know each other well, since it helps a lot to break the ice. Example: I am Mario, would you be Luigi? No, I'm Garfield and I'm looking for Odie
  • Custom Quiz
    The organizers are preparing a list of questions they would like to ask each of the tables present. The host goes from table to table, asks the chosen question at the designated table and the first person at the table to have the correct answer wins a prize. Examples of questions for marriage: - Where did the newlyweds meet? - What is the name of their cat? - Where will the bride and groom go on their honeymoon? - Which artist have they seen perform several times? - Where did they exchange their first kiss? Examples of questions for a corporate party: - What year was the company founded? - How many offices do we have in Quebec? - What were the colors of the company's first logo? - How many different products do we produce? Alternative: Music Quiz We will play a musical extract at each of the tables and the first person from each table to give us either the title or the performer will be the winner. The bride and groom can choose a theme that suits them, for example: Film music, TV series theme, the 70s...
  • One minute to win
    These are short agility competitions lasting one minute. The furthest person in the challenge after the minute is the winner. Example of challenges: - Climb the highest pyramid of plastic glasses with one hand; - Remove all red M&Ms from a candy dish using a straw; - Knock down all the plastic cups using air from a balloon;
  • Dance competition
    We ask for one volunteer per table to go to the dance floor before explaining to them what the game is about. We will play 3 short musical extracts and the participants will have to show us their dancing skills. Participants will have to force themselves to be the wildest or the most original to win. By elimination, we will keep the 3 best for the grand finale.
  • Object Race
    The facilitator will ask all participants to bring a chair to the center of the dance floor and place them in a circle. Once everyone is seated, the facilitator will ask them to go and find objects in the room and come back and sit down as quickly as possible. At each turn he removes one or more chairs and the last income is eliminated. The person who stays until the end is the big winner. The races are done on rhythmic and catchy music and the objects are in good taste. Example of objects: - A plain tie; - An odd table number; - A woman's left foot shoe...
  • We are having fun
    The facilitator will give a piece of string and a balloon to inflate to all the participants, to tie it to their ankle. At the signal, the participants will have to pop the balloons of the other participants while protecting their own. When a participant's balloon is burst, he can no longer participate, but must remain on the periphery to close the circle on the remaining participants. The last participant with an intact ball is the winner.
  • Crossing phantom obstacles
    We will choose 1 to 3 participants and will prepare an obstacle course made up of chairs and a limbo bar that will have to be avoided. We will suggest that the participants do a first test blindfolded to memorize the route well, then they will have to start again blindfolded, without knowing that in the meantime we will have removed all the obstacles. The host or a guest will guide the participants to help them overcome all the phantom obstacles while seeing him squirm in the void under the encouragement.
  • air guitar competition
    To energize an early evening, participants are asked to pretend to play the guitar, on a rock & roll music extract, as if they were an international star. The participating girls will be the judges and will determine which guitarist has done the best performance.
  • The mime game
    We choose 3 people among the guests and we ask them to leave the room with us to explain that we are going to play a mime game and that the guests will have to guess what they are miming. There will be only one mime to do (eg monkey, elephant, kangaroo…). The 1st person tries to make the guests guess the animal for 30 seconds, if he can't, it's the second person's turn and if he can't, it will be the third who tries. The "mimes" will find it very easy but, without knowing that, during this time in the room, someone was warning that a monkey, kangaroo or elephant was going to be imitated and that it was absolutely necessary to pretend not to find the solution and give lots of animal names, except the right one.
  • music bingo
    The host will give each table a Bingo-style playing card with song titles on it. Throughout the dinner, the DJ will play the titles indicated at irregular intervals and the tables attentive enough to recognize the songs on their cards and who will have a musical Bingo first will win a prize. This activity is for groups who want a more passive activity during dinner without necessarily cutting off conversations at the tables. Note: we can add questions to the grid to increase the level of difficulty. (ex: questions about the couple or the company)
  • follow the leader
    Blindfolded, one person per team of 3 will have to retrieve an object from the dance floor, but the "right", "left" and "front" commands will be replaced by terms associated with the name of each of the teams. The first team to collect the item wins. Example: - Team name: "the Expos", right = home run, left = bat, front = home plate.
  • One night paparazzi
    Guests will form a team per table and they will have to use their cell phones to capture the magical moments of the evening. A list of themes will be provided and the best shots should be shared on the organizer / bride and groom's Facebook or Instagram page. Examples of requests: - A picture of all the people in your table; - A funny moment; - A magical moment; - A moment filled with emotion; - The most beautiful stockings; - A funny face; - A selfie with the most beautiful couple of the evening...
  • The open mic (open mic)
    To replace the noisy techniques to make the bride and groom kiss, this activity is very popular and remains spontaneous for the guests! Throughout the dinner, guests will be able to come to the microphone, placed on a stand in a strategic location, in order to: - Dedicate a song for the newlyweds; - Congratulating the newlyweds; - Tell an anecdote about the bride and groom; - Answer a question about the bride and groom; - Sing a love song for the bride and groom; - Demonstrate to two how you would like them to kiss. At each intervention, the bride and groom will have to show us their love and appreciation for the intervention by exchanging a kiss. Depending on your group, you can determine in advance whether you want to use only one method or combine several.
  • The kiss song
    At the beginning of the reception, we will choose music and each time the excerpt plays the bride and groom will have to give a kiss or handshake to all the guests of the table that we will name. The bride and groom have 30 seconds to do so, otherwise the table can determine how original they want the bride and groom to kiss. The game becomes more difficult and funny when the extract starts and the bride and groom are each at opposite corners of the room.
  • Newlywed race / T-shirt race
    Before the start of the first service, the bride and groom go their separate ways and must kiss everyone of the opposite sex as quickly as possible. The 1st of the two who finishes becomes "the boss of the couple" for the next few years. This game is played to joyful and rhythmic music and the guests are told that they can take sides either by hiding or by holding them back. This game is very fast and is a good ''icebreaker'' at the start of the reception, especially after a long cocktail. Alternative version: The race of the t-shirts In this version, instead of having the bride and groom run, a bridesmaid and a groomsman will be chosen to represent the bride and groom. The 2 will have in hand a white t-shirt and an indelible ink pen and will have to sign all the guests of the opposite sex as soon as possible. The first one who has all his signatures and who puts on the t-shirt wins. The t-shirts will be offered as a souvenir to the bride and groom. An original and equally effective little game to break the ice at the start of reception.
  • Do the bride and groom know their guests well?
    A list of statements will be prepared either by a friend of the bride and groom or by the host, so that the bride and groom do not have access to it. At the start of the evening, each table will receive a copy of the statement list for them to review. During the game, the facilitator will ask for example: "that all the people concerned by statement #5 stand up". The bride and groom will then have to determine what brings all these people together. Short original animation for which all the guests participate, without being ridiculed. The better the person who prepares the list knows the bride and groom, the more we can have personalized affirmations. Examples of statements: - Anyone who wears red; - All those who live on the North Shore; - All work colleagues of one of the bride and groom; - All those with whom the bride and groom practiced a sport; - Anyone who wears a tie...
  • Celebrating couple years
    After a reception during which the bride and groom will have kissed many times, we will ask the guests for help to inspire the bride and groom for their next kisses. To romantic music, the host will ask the couples to stand up when they are concerned by the given period of time and must simultaneously show the bride and groom how to kiss, for example: "when the passion is still burning and that we have been in a relationship for less than a year". The years will pass so that all couples are targeted. If there are wedding or couple anniversaries, this is the perfect time to mention them. From experience, the further the categories advance, the more couples put in the extra effort to show that they love each other even more than those before them.
  • Cinderella
    The host asks about ten women in the audience to give him one of their shoes and the host places them in the center of the dance floor. He then calls a dozen men who each take a shoe and go in search of their Cinderella among the guests of the evening. Each couple thus formed joins the dance floor either so that the first couples win a prize or these new couples must participate in a dance competition before winning a prize.
  • SHE and/or HIM game (newlywed game)
    The host explains to the newlyweds that he is going to ask them a few questions that they will have to answer honestly. The bride and groom remove their shoes and exchange one with their partner, so that they have a different one in each hand, allowing them to answer ME or HIM/HER with the shoes to the questions that follow. The bride and groom will be back to back, seated or standing, so as to be clearly visible. The majority of questions will be written in advance by a relative of the bride and groom or by the host. Before the bride and groom respond, we ask guests' opinions with a show of hands to get even more feedback. This game is a classic that everyone has probably seen, but it's still a good way to learn more about the bride and groom, with a touch of humor. Here are some sample questions: - Who makes the meals most often? - Who makes the best meals? - Who does the dishes most often? - Who snores the most? - Who noticed the other first? - Who spends the most time in the bathroom? - Who spoke first about marriage? - Who comes home the earliest at night?
  • Find your spouse (calf game)
    We will ask the bride to blindfold herself away from the guests. During this time, we will sit in a row about ten guests including the groom and one or two women. We will ask them to raise their pants to the knee and lower their sock. The bride will have to find her husband only by touching the calf of the competitors. Alternative: Find the bride by asking the groom to touch the hands or forearms of the participants.
  • Who am I ?
    We will ask 10 of the best friends of a newlywed to write on a piece of paper a short statement describing them. The groom or the bride will draw the statements one by one and will have to associate them with each participant, without knowing that 4 of the statements will have been replaced by funny statements from the host.
  • Game of the rooster
    Choose three single girls (jury) and 5-6 single men. Each man will pass before the jury doing his best to imitate the cry of the rooster. After deliberations, the girls will elect a rooster. He will in turn have to choose one of them. Every hour, the boy will have to sing the time while the girl will have to beat her wings by his side.
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