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Office Party for Groupe Récré'eau

Décoration, planification, coordination, animation et photobooth pour Party de bureau corporatif de congrès à l'Estérel Resort

Hello David,

I take a few minutes to congratulate you on your professionalism, I am happy to have chosen Master D for our convention, wishing to work with you again for the 2023 convention in Quebec.

I will be happy to refer your name.

Thank you and good day (assistant director)


Hello David,

Thank you very much, it was indeed a pleasure to work on this project with you and your team, great service, professional and very beautiful design.

Thanks again and looking forward to working together again.

With pleasure, (coordinator)

Planification et décoration : David Lavallée

Disc Jockey animateur : DJ Pulse

Technicien monteur : Thomas Larrivée-Tourigny


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