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Office Party for Pionniers Elementary School's Teachers

DJ Pulse, animation du party de noel des enseignants de l'école primaire des pionniers de Terrebonne

Hello David,

I take a few minutes to tell you what a great evening we had and Dominic contributed greatly to it!

Many thanks for the excellent service! (school director) ---------------------------- Hello, to you, the Master D team. The commentary is for your dj and animator Dominic Napolitano who was at the school of the Pioneers for the teachers' evening on December 1st. I would like to thank him for the excellent work he has done. An exceptional talent, attentive to our requests and very friendly. I really enjoyed my evening and it's largely because of him and I thought it was important to showcase him. Thanks to you and your company for your work. (teacher)

Disc Jockey animateur : DJ Pulse

Endroit : École Primaire des Pionniers, Terrebonne


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