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School Party for UdeM's Nursing students

DJ du party de mi-session des étudiants en sciences infirmières de l'udem au bar le Belmont, Montréal

Hi David!

I'm one of the organizers of last night's party! It was I who referred you to the owner of the Belmont because I have a friend in Pharmacy who told me that you were super good.

Anyway, I was a bit drunk at the end of the evening and my feet hurt a lot, but I wanted to thank you for the great music you played yesterday! I got lots of compliments on your mixes. There are even guys who came to tell me that they were so crazy about "call me maybe" the mix was so good haha.

And thank you for putting "au bal masqué" hihi

Thank you, me, in any case I really loved it and everyone around me too.

Have a good day !!

Endroit : Bar le Belmont, Montréal


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